Kindle Voyage Unboxing Video & Overview

The new Kindle Voyage is the new state-of-the-art e-Reader from Amazon which features 300 pip display, a new way to turn pages and auto-adjust brightness. The Voyage was so popular order on Amazon that it became backordered until later into November or early December 2014, but you might find them in nearby Best Buy stores in your area. Here we’ve got our review of the device along with a Kindle Voyage unboxing video so you know what you’ll get for your money.

The box you’ll receive is nice and compact with a partial image of the Voyage on front. The box is extremely lightweight too because inside you just have the eReader, instruction paper and cable for charging. It’s got various specs and features listed on the back. Inside the box you’ll get the e-Reader itself along with a charging cable. You’ll need to spend extra for the origami protective case and a USB plug-in cable.

the Kindle Voyage eReader from Amazon

A look at the size of the new Kindle Voyage eReader.

The Kindle Voyage is a lighter and thinner e-Reader than Amazon’s previous versions including its predecessor the Paperwhite. The Voyage weighs just 6.3 ounces for the WiFi version and 6.6 ounces for the 3G version. It measures 6.4” height x 4.5” width x 0.30” thickness in size making for a nice size and weight eReader that fits comfortable in the palm of your hand.

PagePress is the new way to turn pages, and you do that by pressing gently on sensors on the sides of the device to turn pages forward or backward. This particular eReader also features adjustable brightness and nightlight features to help your eyes see the screen better in lower light situations.

The Kindle Voyage eReader with 3G sells for $219, while the basic WiFi version sells for $199. There’s also the option to purchase these eReaders without special offers displaying on the screen, but that is a non-issue for many customers and something you’re likely to adjust to skipping past to get to your eBooks.

There’s a host of other features on board the device which will aid with aspects such as vocabulary and making reading more educational or easier to do. In particular, there are ways to look up complex words in text to find definitions as you read. With new services like Kindle Unlimited monthly subscription, eBook readers will be able to consume plenty of material too, if they opt to sign up for that service.

Is this the best eReader that money can buy? Many customers are likely to be giving and receiving these for the holidays and thereafter, just based on how popular they’ve been so far. The Kindle reading experience is currently one of the best for those who prefer to consume their books in that fashion, so you’ll be hard pressed to find a better device for that purpose on the market right now.

Below you can watch our unboxing video for a better look at what you get with the device. See the Kindle Voyage here.

Kindle Voyage Unboxing Video & Overview

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