Amazon Tap Review & Unboxing Video

The Amazon Tap is the newest wireless speaker device from Amazon. Consider it the cousin of the very popular Amazon Echo, as it’s nearly half the size but still has the same capabilities. The Tap is highly portable, making it easy to bring around with you on the go so you can listen to music or use other features. Keep in mind you’ll need to have a WiFi network to connect it to in most cases when you’re out and about, but it can also double as just a bluetooth speaker. Use it to play music from your iPod, smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled devices!

The Amazon Tap (see more info) is a small but relatively lightweight wireless speaker you can hold in your hand. You can purchase a special “Sling” case for it to protect it from drops, dings and damage. It also has a special spot to hook a carabiner to. You could basically hang the Tap from a tree branch outside near your favorite hammock!

So what all does the Tap do? It allows you to use a variety of voice interactive services and features that include but aren’t limited to:

  • Streaming Amazon Prime music.
  • Streaming your own music stored at Amazon.
  • Setting timers, getting the latest time or weather information.
  • Getting sports schedules and scores (for specific sports only).
  • Getting Wikipedia information.
  • Getting the answers to various calculations or conversions.
  • Listening to TuneIn Radio, Pandora, Spotify and other music services
  • Using special “Skills” such as interactive games, informational services & more!

Need to know how many cups in a gallon or inches in 3 yards? What about the answer to 1,254 times 573? Just press (tap) the microphone button on the Tap and ask! You’ll get the answer to your question quickly. Want to play a fun game, check some stocks, order dinner or get a ride? Use the Skills that you can enable through the Alexa App.

Of note, the Skills on Amazon Echo or Tap are constantly evolving. There’s everything from the ability to order pizza or an Uber, to playing daily Jeopardy, to getting stock quotes, knock knock jokes and much, much more!

Of course where the Echo and Tap both stand out are as speakers for playing music. Both have great dynamic sound. You can bring the tap with you outdoors to enjoy your music, as long as you have either a Bluetooth device connected to it, or are using available WiFi to connect the Tap to. If you’ve got Amazon Prime, you have access to thousands and thousands of songs, albums, artists, great playlists and more!

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We consider the Amazon Tap, priced at $129 as of this report, a great addition to the company’s tech gadget lineup. It’s perfect for Amazon Prime power users who want to utilize all of the free music offered through the service. It’s also great for using on the go, as it is compact and portable with great range. Pick up the Sling protective case and a carabiner and you can bring this with you on road trips, tailgating, camping or on many other adventures!

Amazon Tap Review & Unboxing Video

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