Apple reveals iPhone 6s & 6s Plus, new Apple TV & iPad Pro

new apple iphones

New Apple iPhones will be available for pre-order on Sept. 12th.

At today’s Apple event held in California, the company announced several new exciting tech devices. Among them are the latest versions of their smartphone, as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were revealed. In addition, Apple announced a new Apple TV with touch remote and Siri integration, as well as a new iPad Pro with an Apple Stylus pencil. These latest gadgets will be arriving just in time for the holiday season too.

The phones will look very similar on the surface to the iPhone 6 phones, but will have better technology within as well as new features and upgrades. Among them are a faster and more capable processor, increased 12 megapixel rear camera, 5MP front-facing camera for FaceTime HD, and the ability to capture 4K video resolution at 30fps. Other standout features include the 3D Touch, 2nd-generation Touch ID and Retina Flash, all of which were not present on the previous iterations of the phone.

The 6s prices will start at $199 on contract for the lowest storage size. Price points will remain the same on contract with the 6s Plus costing $299 for the 16GB, $399 for the 32GB and $499 for a 64GB smartphone. Unlocked versions on Apple’s website start at $649 for the 6s and $749 for the 6s Plus. The phones are available for pre-order as of Sept. 12th.

In addition to these new phones, Apple also unveiled its newest version of the Apple TV. It will include a brand new touchscreen remote that can also control your television’s volume and allows for voice command and Siri integration. Apps will now be available on the device, similar to how Amazon Fire TV has “apps” rather than channels. The new device will be available in 32GB for $149 or 64GB for $199 starting in October.

The other big revelation is Apple’s new iPad Pro tablet. The new iPad Pro will be a tablet with a large 12.9-inch diagonal display, giving much more screen real estate than the traditional 8 or 10-inch tablets out there. It will run the new A9X processor and features 5.6 million pixels for an ultra-high screen resolution. In addition to that, Apple has designed its own stylus called the Apple Pencil. It is similar to the Microsoft Surface Pro stylus in that it can only be used with certain applications. For those that want to kick things up a notch there is also a $169 case that doubles as a “smart keyboard.” This new iPad will start shipping in November with price tags of $799 for a 32GB version and $1079 for the 128GB version. Just in time for a nice Christmas gift!

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Apple reveals iPhone 6s & 6s Plus, new Apple TV & iPad Pro

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