BB-8 Sphero Toy: App-Controlled Droid from Star Wars

sphero bb 8 toy

The new Sphero BB-8 toy is a miniature, controllable replica of the droid that will appear in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Price tag: $150 at

The new BB-8 Sphero toy, an app-controlled droid (see here) from the new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” film, will officially arrive to the masses as of midnight Eastern Time on Friday, Sept. 4th. It seems like this cute and functional little robotic ball could be the hit of the upcoming holiday season too, despite carrying the price tag of some tech gadgets which can do a lot more.

This new toy, which mimics BB-8, a brand new droid that hangs out with the main character Rey in the new J.J. Abrams film, will be part of the unveiling of toys from the movie. They’ll be available for fanatics to purchase on Force Friday, a special retail event being held on Friday, September 4th.

sphero bb 8 droid toy

Sphero’s new BB-8 droid toy in all its glory! Available for purchase here.

Update 9/4: BB-8 quickly sold out online at the Amazon and Disney Stores.

Among the features listed for this cool little gizmo are the fact you can navigate it around on your floor using a touchscreen app. You can also speak into it and get voice feedback, sense when it’s happy or sad, let it patrol a route around your area you set up, and even send your own holographic messages. Not bad for a price tag of $150, right?

So where can you find the new BB-8 toy made by Sphero? It’s been reported that Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Disney Store and Amazon will be among those selling the item. Several retailers will be holding special midnight store events where customers will line up to be among those to have the first chance to buy them.

While they may sell out quickly in stores near you, don’t fret. Expect to see them selling online through third parties, or the Sphero website as well. We’ll update you here at Tech Media Source as soon as we see any new ones available, so stay tuned!

What do you think, will you be picking up one of these new droids at midnight for Force Friday? Will this be the hottest toy of the upcoming holiday season?

Check out the new Sphero BB-8 toy at

BB-8 Sphero Toy: App-Controlled Droid from Star Wars

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