Apple TV User Manual with Tips & Tricks

The small and lightweight Apple TV is a new generation streaming media gadget that allows owners absolute entertainment. It basically allows the individual to enjoy streaming media through the television set. Apple TV features a remote, power cord and only a small bit of included documentation. In essence, there is not much of a user’s manual included with the product. Our bestselling author Shelby Johnson’s Apple TV User’s Guide will help those who are looking to buy this streaming media device, or already own one and want even more out of it.

Apple TV User's Guide

What’s in This Guide Book?

Inside Shelby Johnson’s Apple TV User’s Guide you’ll get a complete manual to use in addition to your Apple TV streaming media device.

— What all of the channels are about and feature

— How to use Amazon Instant Video with Apple TV

— Using an iPad or iPhone as your touchscreen remote

— Using Airplay or mirroring with your Apple TV

— How to use bluetooth speakers or keyboards

— Troubleshooting tips and tricks, and much, much more!

Apple TV Features

The Apple TV can easily display video files downloaded from iTunes, Netflix, YouTube, Flickr and plenty of other networking sites. The 3rd generation model uses an internet source called AirPlay that functions to offer videos that can be streamed easily on the television. Enjoy listening to Internet Radio, podcasts and access photos using iCloud that the device supports for sharing and checking pictures in your Photo Stream. You might take time to understand how it works, so having the guide book alongside can easily help you out.

The best feature of Apple TV is the fact that you can rent movies or videos using your iTunes library via the iTunes Home Sharing option. The latest version is easily compatible with HDTV using an HDMI port that offers display of 1080p to 720p. It functions well with brands like Philips, Panasonic, Sony, Hitachi, Westinghouse, Samsung and many more.

Apple TV Specifications

Since the internal processor features a single-core A5 chip, Apple TV has enthusiastically been fabricated with a built-in IR receiver, and optical audio functions. The wireless gadget also consists of a built in 6 watt power supply.

The Apple TV has been designed with an environmental approach consisting of a great PVC free frame. It doesn’t contain any bromine flame retardant.

The device offers MLB.TV, NHL GameCenter, NBA League Pass, MLS Pro Soccer and even the new WWE Network subscriptions to watch live games and get news updates. There’s also Hulu Plus, Netflix and many more great venues of entertainment to explore!

Several accessories are available which will enhance the product, as Shelby mentions in her book. They include the cables you can buy as well as several other items. The Apple HDMI to HDMI cable allows individuals to connect Apple TV, Mac Mini, iPads etc to watch high definition videos. The Belkin 6’ Digital Toslink Optical Audio cable with a line out adaptor offers excellent sound quality to audiophiles.

Apple TV Price

The Apple TV specifications have been upgraded during the years as new models are released. The 2nd generation model of the gadget is being sold at a price of $89-$99 while the 3rd generation Apple TV features a cost of $99 respectively. It’s been rumored that a new updated version of the device is on the way for sometime after Spring 2014.

Interested in Apple TV, or already have one? Check out Shelby Johnson’s Apple TV User’s Guide today to learn more about this exciting media streaming device!

Apple TV User Manual with Tips & Tricks