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Among our tech media publishing clients is tech enthusiast and author Shelby Johnson.  Ms. Johnson has written several helpful, easy-to-understand tech guides for the latest devices and social media platforms popular in today’s world. Her guides include user’s manuals, tips, tricks, and a multitude of special ways to enjoy your tech items and Internet time. Shelby Johnson’s goal is to help her readers feel less frustration as they figure out their latest tech gadgets.

For more information about this bestselling author, Visit Shelby Johnson’s author page at

Below is the library of Ms. Johnson’s eBooks, which are for sale in digital and print format via To buy or borrow from Amazon, simply click on any link or book cover below.  Also of note, several of these titles can be found on other platforms including Google Play, Apple’s iBookstore and for Barnes & Noble Nook.

If you recently bought a new gadget, be sure to pick up one of her her guides, tips and tricks manuals.  Shelby’s books (in digital and print format) contain something useful from novice to intermediate users, and they are written in a friendly, easy-to-follow style you will appreciate while navigating your new tech device.

Among Shelby’s titles are bestselling, “Kindle Fire HD User’s Guide Book: Unleash the Power of Your Tablet!” and, “iPad Mini User’s Manual: Simple Tips and Tricks to Unleash the Power of Your Tablet!”

Visit Shelby Johnson’s author page at

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