Best Media Streaming Services for TV or Movies

If you’re looking to get more media content or maybe eliminate your cable or satellite service completely, you will find the information here quite helpful.  In this article we’ll take a look at the best media streaming services currently available for watching TV shows or movies.  These particular services may involve subscription or rental fees, so we’ll break each down for you to help you figure out the ones you need the most!

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Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime, or Prime Instant Video, is a media streaming service that is brought to you by the ever popular online giant This exciting service is available for $79 per year, and includes unlimited access to movies and television shows. The benefit of Amazon Prime is that its membership price comes with a free two day shipping upgrade on any item you order from Amazon, and access to thousands of eBooks.

The downfall is that its media streaming services include popular movies, but not always the newest releases. You can dip into the archives of some of your favorites, but if you are looking for the movies that are new to DVD each Tuesday, this service lacks that up to date availability. It does, however, bring you past television episodes and kid’s programming at no extra charge, but will not provide you with the previous day’s television programming for free. You can watch all of their offerings as often as you like, even if you want to watch the same episode from the first season of Dowton Abbey for the thirteen time. Just do not expect to see the current episodes for quite some time.

Amazon Prime is available on several media streaming devices, but not all of them, so if you have a Xbox that you count to watch missed episodes Falling Skies, you are not going to be able to access it on your television screen, as you would a movie, and will have to watch it from your computer, tablet or phone.

Hulu Plus
Hulu Plus, unlike Amazon Prime, will bring you an up to date programming, as soon as the following day. So if you missed your favorite Wednesday night sitcom, you can pick it up Thursday morning through Hulu Plus’s media streaming services.

For a mere $7.99 Hulu Plus users can enjoy their favorite network offerings almost immediately, while having access to over 2000 movies that are in their database, and extended trailers for brand new movies that are still in the theaters. What’s more is that Hulu Plus is available on almost all media streaming devices, including gaming systems, Roku and Apple TV. You can also watch from your computer, tablet or smartphone with a membership.

The main disadvantage of Hulu Plus is that you are still subjected to commercials, even though you are paying for the service, no matter how “limited” you are eluded to believe through services description.

Visit Hulu’s website to get the latest details.

Netflix is leading the industry in the number of members, and the number of offerings. As one of the first available media streaming services, this service is considered the pioneer in the industry — for which is receives the necessary credit, and the adverse ridicule. Although everyone is always looking for the best new thing, Netflix continues to get it right with its commercial free programming for a rate of $7.99 per month.

New movie releases make their way to this streaming service in less than a month, and you can watch all of the available television programming without delay, including those that aired the night before. You can pause, rewind and fast forward the programming, while watching the same episode or movie time and time again. Like Hulu Plus, Netflix is available on nearly every streaming device, including gaming consoles, and is also accessible on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The disadvantages of Netflix, although minimal, are truly the component of them being the industry giant. They hold all of the cards, and have often been shifty about price changes and availability. Not that other media streaming services do not have the same power, but Netflix seems to take advantage of their market share more often, raising prices and changing service components without notice.  Get more info about Netflix at their official website here.

Redbox is a fun alternative to the more elite or bigger media streaming services, and gives their users a bit of latitude in the movie rental category. The problem is, this Verizon owned company only offers movies — not television programming. It costs $8 a month, and will provide you with four free Redbox kiosk physical DVD rentals as well, so if you are a movie buff — or have kids who tear through the animated classics — this service might be for you.

There are 8000 titles available through streaming alone, which will give you access to the classics mixed in with some new releases. However, you are not going to get to watch the first full season of Hell’s Kitchen, should your heart so desire, with this service. Also, there are very few applications that provide this service, as only the Xbox has it available for television streaming, so you will be relegated to your Android and iOS devices.

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Vudu is a different from the other media streaming services in its entirety because it does not have a monthly membership fee. With over 15,000 movies in its library, and nearly 2000 of them in high definition, Vudu boasts the largest HD availability of its kind. The fees come into play, not through a monthly cost, but through rental and purchase fees.

You can rent a movie on Vudu for two nights for two bucks. Not bad, actually. The problem is, if you want to view your favorite television programming, you are going to have to wait until the season is complete and it is offered on DVD — and then you have to purchase the entire season. The pricing, starting at around $12.00 per season, is not the downfall — especially if you are trying to catch up on the first couple of seasons of a new favorite. However, episode by episode purchases are non-existent for the time being.

Also, not all media streaming devices provide access to Vudu, but it is available on online through your electronic device, and all of your purchases are stored in their cloud for repeat viewing. If you love to rent a movie from time to time, this service is perfect because it is only two bucks — instead of the cost of a monthly membership.

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Best Media Streaming Services for TV or Movies